Timing Is Key with Moving Services

7 May 2021
Timing Is Key with Moving Services

You know that friend or relative you have who’s always late, no matter what?

They’re pretty annoying, aren’t they? They waste your time, leaving you waiting and then they act like it’s no big deal.

As annoying as they are, it’s worse when a company that you’re paying to help you is late. With CMS Companies, that won’t happen. Our moving company prides itself on our punctuality.

On-Time Movers in Phoenix

We think being on time is not only a good quality, it’s respectful and it’s necessary if you expect to run a successful business. Yet, it’s unfortunately not something you can always expect from companies you deal with.

But if you’re in charge of your company’s move, you know how important being on time is. Your lease is expiring, and you’ve signed a new one. If you’re not out of your old space by the

deadline, there will be fees and fines to pay.

Even more importantly, you must have your things in your new space, all set up and ready to go, ASAP. Any delay in setting up computer equipment, office furniture, cubicles, etc., costs your company money.

Dependable Moving Company

Your company likely put you in charge of your move because they know they can trust you to do the job right. You won’t leave anything until the last minute. You’ll get estimates from movers, check references, sign contracts, create a packing timetable and make sure everything is on schedule.

The only thing that can throw your plans out of whack now are irresponsible contractors.

When you work with CMS Companies, you know we’ll be there exactly when we say we will, prepared with the right tools to do the job. We can even help you pack up your office before you move it, and we can help you unpack and set up at your new quarters.

We also offer debris removal and cleanup at your old office space. You won’t have to designate an employee to do the job — something employees rarely welcome — and you won’t have to worry about charges from the leasing company for cleanup after your company moved out.

Residential Local Movers

Some may believe the stakes are lower with residential moves, but CMS Companies doesn’t look at it that way.

When you’re moving, it takes tons of time and energy. You probably need to take time off work and you may need to hire a sitter for your kids. You want your move to take place exactly when it’s supposed to, and not a minute later.

Moving is stressful, and working with movers who run late makes the experience infinitely worse.

CMS Companies show up on time and work hard until the job is done. That’s just a day in the life of our movers.

Trusted Phoenix Movers

If you’re looking for local movers or long-distance movers in Phoenix, CMS Companies is your best bet. We have many years of experience in the business and we’re well known for being responsible, careful and on time. Contact us today for more information or for an estimate for your residential or commercial move.


Why Is It Important To Book Moving Services In Advance?

Booking in advance ensures you secure your preferred moving date, get the best rates, and have ample time to prepare and coordinate all aspects of your move.

How Far In Advance Should I Schedule My Move?

It’s ideal to schedule your move at least 4-8 weeks in advance, especially during peak moving seasons like summer and weekends, to ensure availability and better pricing.

What Are The Benefits Of Moving During Off-Peak Times?

Moving during off-peak times, such as mid-week or during non-summer months, can result in lower rates, greater availability of moving services, and a less stressful moving experience.

How Can I Avoid Delays On Moving Day?

Ensure all packing is completed before the movers arrive, have a clear path for loading, and confirm all details with your moving company in advance to prevent any last-minute surprises.

What Should I Do If I Need To Change My Moving Date?

If you need to change your moving date, contact your moving company as soon as possible. Most companies will try to accommodate changes, but flexibility may vary based on their schedule and availability.

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