The Top 10 Reasons to Move to San Diego

1 July 2019

Anytime someone is looking to move there can be an exhausting search for what city is right for them. Going through extensive searches about what it is like to live in different states and which city is the best fit.

There are numerous reasons people love living in San Diego. From the wonderfully warm weather to relaxing days on the beach. San Diego is a great place to vacation and an even better place
to live.

Warm Weather

The most talked about aspect of San Diego is always the weather. Many people who move to San Diego do so to get away from cold winter months.

On a bad day, San Diego residents may see the temperatures drop as low as fifty degrees. Be well prepared and buy a couple of stylish jackets for that cold front. Anyone that does not want to worry about weather problems will love living in this city.

On almost any day it is safe to assume the weather is going to be nice and warm.

On average San Diego has the most consistent weather of any area. Residents do not need to bother with the weather channel and they are rarely caught off guard with dropping temperatures.

Of course, there is rain to deal with but nothing pops an umbrella into the car which cannot be fixed. Expect the temperature to stay around seventy degrees and sometimes go to the extreme of the nineties in the summer months.

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Hoppy IPAs

This one may not be the end all be all for someone who is researching where to live, but San Diego is well-known for their craft beer. In fact, people call San Diego the capital of craft beer.

There are many local breweries to visit and that means a plethora of new craft beers to try. The city is a big one, but there is always a brewery close by producing fantastic tasting beers.

A lot of connoisseurs of beer like those that are produced in San Diego because there are many hoppy IPAs to choose from.

San Diego residents have the delight to have access to these local beers when everyone else does not. Many of the beers produced are only sold locally so they are only available while in town.

A Day At The Beach

No one leaves San Diego without fond memories of days on the beach. The beaches here surpass almost any other beach that someone could hope to visit.

Not only are the beaches wonderful to relax there are a ton to choose from. There are many that are popular for the tourists who come simply to be on the beach.

In the summer many residents choose to find other activities to occupy their time and only go for the occasional beach trip with the many visitors to the area.

Residents that wait it out until winter are going to find themselves mostly alone on the beaches. All of the tourists have gone home and only the residents remain. Making it a good time for reading in the sand, surfing, or even getting out the old kayak and taking to the waters.

Choice of Authentic Foods

Going to a big chain restaurant may be a favorite of many people, but few San Diego residents are psyched to join the party. There are so many local restaurants that have passionate people making innovative and unique menus in San Diego.

Residents love to try a different place every time they go out. Being in such close proximity to Mexico also brings authentic Mexican cuisine inspiration to many of the local restaurants.

Outdoor Activities

With the warm weather residents are not likely to stay inside. Of course, many residents take to the beaches for both exercise and relaxation. However, that is not the end of the outdoor activities in San Diego.

Anyone that is up for a little more vigorous walk in nature will love the abundance of trails to hike. There are many areas to hike that make for beautiful backdrops for photos or just a good view once at the top.

A word of caution. The homes in San Diego are smaller in square footage compared to those in other areas unless a resident is willing to shell out some serious cash.

Even though the homes are smaller people do not feel cramped or cooped up. Many make-up for it by having a lovely patio to sit on and take in the warm San Diego sun.

So Much to Learn

There is no shortage of ways to expand the mind in San Diego. The city itself is imbued with a fascinating history. A wonderful start to living in the city is to visit the many monuments that are dedicated to this history.

These monuments are able to teach and celebrate the history that the city holds.

With many museums to choose from it is difficult to get through them all.

Not all museums focus on history though there are science museums, art museums, and many more for those that like to spend countless hours learning more.

Those that are interested in performance, music, or art, in general, will love to visit the many venues that San Diego is home to. Some focus on specific genres like the House of Blues while others celebrate art in general like the San Diego Museum of Art.

Finally, it is one of the best places to learn for those that love animals. The San Diego Zoo is an attraction that pulls in residents and tourists alike.

The price is not sky high and families spend countless hours watching and learning about the animals. It is easy to lose a whole afternoon in the beauty of this location.

Stay Relaxed

Not to say that San Diego does not have its fair share of business people and professionals, however, there is nothing wrong with a relaxed style. Almost any business will welcome someone who has on shorts, a tee-shirt, and flip-flops.

There is the occasional upscale venue that does frown on the relaxed look of flip-flops, but most people will not bat an eyelash seeing someone in beach gear on a day to day basis. Great for anyone that wants to voice dressing up when they go out.

Choices For Nights Out

Some cities are known for the wild party venues and others are applauded for their small town charm. In a twist of fate, San Diego manages to hold both of these charming qualities.

Those that are looking for a crazy time can find a number of venues that feature dancing, drinks, and music. Anyone that likes a more tight-knit community feel will love some of the smaller bars along the beach.

Residents get the best of both worlds and get to choose on any given night which atmosphere they want to enjoy.


Where a person lives should provide an abundance of ways to relax. However, there needs to be a balance between relaxation and responsibility. San Diego does have its serious moments.

Those that want to further their education can certainly do so at one of the many universities in the area.

Even if a person does not want to seek out higher education there are other opportunities available. Many large companies that are bringing new ideas to industry are moving to San Diego or adjacent areas.

Creating job growth and allowing for passionate intelligent people to get a jump start in their career.

Thinking of moving? Read our San Diego moving guide for more information on the process.

Central Position

Even though there are few reasons to visit any other place while living in San Diego it can be nice to get out of town for a while.

A great aspect to living in San Diego is the proximity to other sought after locations. It is an easy trip to go to Disneyland or even to Mexico. Plus for those that like to drive the scenery is breathtaking.

Living in San Diego is not like living in other cities. There is more to do, to experience, and to learn within each neighborhood than many people can get in their entire city.

People can experience so much in this city that it can be a tad overwhelming at first. It certainly is too much to experience in just one vacation. Many who visit San Diego once are bound to return and become a resident to get the full experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How family-friendly is San Diego?

San Diego is highly family-friendly, with numerous parks, zoos (including the world-famous San Diego Zoo), and interactive museums. The city also boasts excellent schools and a wide array of family-oriented events and activities throughout the year.

What makes San Diego’s dining scene stand out?

Known for its Mexican cuisine and fresh seafood, San Diego’s dining scene is vibrant and diverse. The city also has a strong craft beer culture, with over 150 breweries and counting, offering foodies and beer enthusiasts alike a rich culinary experience.

How does San Diego support a healthy lifestyle?

The city’s focus on outdoor living, along with numerous parks, beaches, and fitness trails, encourages a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, San Diego’s emphasis on fresh, local cuisine and farmers’ markets makes it easy to maintain a balanced diet.

How does San Diego cater to outdoor activities?

With its extensive coastline, parks, and hiking trails, San Diego is a haven for outdoor activities. From surfing at La Jolla Shores to hiking in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, the city offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation in nature.

What cultural experiences does San Diego offer?

San Diego is rich in cultural experiences, with numerous museums, theaters, and art galleries. Balboa Park alone houses 17 museums, and the city’s diverse neighborhoods celebrate a variety of cultures through festivals and events year-round.

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