Employee Relocation

Employee relocation management is a critical piece these days in the growth of companies. It is important for prospective and newly hired employees to feel the company is caring and organized in the relocation process. The CMS Companies are capable of helping to do just that and much more. We have the resources, experience, and expertise to assist any corporation, both large and small with their relocation needs. We work closely with each client to find a personalized plan that will meet all of their specialized relocation needs. Some of our services include Policy Enhancement, Candidate Counseling, Destination Services, Expense Management, Lump Sum Counseling and Management, Temporary Housing, and much more.

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Hospitality Warehousing and Installation

CMS’s Hospitality division offers a range of services to help complete large or small scale hotel projects and renovations. With our experience, expertise, and resources we are confident that we can meet your time-sensitive deadlines.

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Office Moves

The CMS Companies have years of experience, knowledge, and the necessary resources to professionally move any business. We work closely with our clients to develop a plan that will cater to their business needs with as little downtime to their daily operations as possible. During the pre-move meeting, we will discuss all of your concerns and go over our processes to ensure a smooth transition to your new location. Some of our professional services include preplanning and move coordination, short or long-term storage, labeling systems and tips, computer prep and setup, electrical cabling, and disposal.

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International Moves

Moving abroad can be very exciting, yet stressful and unsettling at the same time. Our professional teams and Unigroup network of worldwide professional partners located in 180 countries provide us with the resources and expertise to move thousands of families every year. We coordinate all aspects of overseas moving including pre-move survey, quotation confirmation, protection coverage, packing, customs clearance, and delivery with the highest of quality and service. Shipments are carefully and professionally packed for international moving. Our dedicated and experienced move coordinators will work with you through every step of the process to ensure a successful and stress-free experience.

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The CMS Companies offer a full range of transportation services to many different industries and businesses across the United States. Our logistics division specializes in handling the packing and crating, pickup, transportation, and delivery of high-value products. Transportation specialties include medical equipment, photo labs, electronics, fitness equipment, trade shows, and more.

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We offer professional and efficient distribution services to our clients. Whether you are moving high-value products, need storage for hotel renovation, or copier delivery and install, our knowledge and expertise will provide you with the exceptional service you are looking for. We specialize in handling these unique types of projects and will work closely with you to ensure the service provided not only meets but exceeds your expectations. A few of our detailed services include hospitality distribution, short or long-term storage, rack, and bulk storage, fulfillment services, express local delivery, medical equipment shipping, and much more.

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