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Whether you are moving long distance or are just in need of a storage solution, you can count on Sullivan Moving and Storage to support your moving needs. Our container moving solutions offer both full-service containers and Do-It-Yourself containers. Find the container solution that works best for you and your moving needs.

Full-Service Containers

The full-service containers give you the opportunity to decide the loading and unloading dates which provides you the flexibility to fit the move into your timeline and schedule. In addition to a flexible schedule here are some other benefits to the full-service containers:

Convenient Storage without the Added Fees
  • Containers can easily be placed into storage in the containers without incurring additional warehouse handling costs.
Safe and Secure
  • Individual use of container, only your shipment will be inside the container. It will be loaded and secured at origin and not opened again until delivery.
White Glove Service
  • A full-service container move includes full loading and unloading services and full-value shipment protection of $10,000 per container at no additional charge.

*Additional services for packing, unpacking, crating etc. can be set up at an additional charge.

Full Service Container
  • 7’ Wood – 265 cu/ft. – 90”x60”x96” (Capacity 1,400 – 1,600 lbs.)

Do-It-Yourself Container Moving and Storage

Do you prefer to be the one handling your goods from the start? We can provide you with the resources to do just that! Just let us know when to bring a container to your home, and then you take it from there. The goods can be stored in your driveway or we can pick up the container whenever you are finished loading it and have the goods stored at our warehouse or we can deliver the container to your new destination.

Do-It-Yourself with Help

Similar to the DIY option above, the Do-It-Yourself with Help offers the services of our crews to help you get the container loaded. Our crews can pack and load the container for you or just complete the packing or loading services, it is up to you and your personal needs.

DIY and DIY w/Help Container
  • 16’ Container – 900 cu/ft. – 8’x8 1/2’ x 16’ (Capacity 5,000 – 7,000 lbs.)

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